There are a lot of different ways to talk to God. Some call it Prayer, but that can come off as too religious to me and can turn into something we have to do instead of something we WANT to do. That’s why I simply refer to it as talking. I want to keep an open form of…… Continue reading Communication

Love Others…

This blog is gonna be pretty straightforward to the Church. When I talk about the Church I don’t mean the building. That is not the Church, it is part of it, but not it. (I’ll talk about that someday in the future) The Church is all of us as followers of Christ, every day, everywhere, every…… Continue reading Love Others…

I decided to wear a uniform.

After a few months on minimizing my life, I decided the next step for me was to finally move to a uniform. Now, before you begin thinking dear god… isn’t that going to be so lame? Hear me out. Just because I decided to get rid of the majority of my everyday clothes, doesn’t mean…… Continue reading I decided to wear a uniform.

Identity Crisis

I’ve spent a lot of my youth/adult life struggling with my identity. Not knowing or believing who you are can drastically affect your confidence in yourself. Currently, in my life, I am in a couple leadership rolls and lack of confidence can cause you to struggle in gaining the trust of those you are leading.…… Continue reading Identity Crisis