What feels like home

This is a gallery of photos I took on 10.27.2018 These images represent pieces of our home that make it ours. I hope you enjoy this different avenue of expression. This was a collaborative work between Christen and me. Photos by Mat Napp. Staging by Christen Napp.  

Coming Clean

Being transparent in my life is something that I believe is important. It kills any sense of what I call Social Media Perfection by giving a snapshot of something I struggle with. It keeps me accountable because now its out there in the open for everyone to see. I once heard Louie Giglio say, and I’m…… Continue reading Coming Clean

Living in the valley

This week I was reading the story where Jesus’s takes some of his apprentices to reveal His complete and total glory to them. If you can imagine, they probably did not want to leave that place. This was a literal mountain top moment! But…they had to come down. They could not stay there forever. Waiting…… Continue reading Living in the valley