From the silence

Hey guys.

So as you can tell since I have moved down to Prattville to start my new job my post have gone from weekly to…well…whenever I can get to it haha

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I LOVE my job! Bad because I am now inconsistent here… But we are going to start a new rotation here at the Exploring camp!

There will be two post a month!

One photo essay and one written article.

I’m so excited to start this rotation because I will be able to focus more energy on two separate forms of expression that will only happen once a month each.


At the beginning of January be expecting the photo essay to drop! This is a fun one because I photographed old-downtown Prattville. It’s a cool area and I can’t wait for all my readers to see a glimpse of the town we are living in now!

I also want you guys to know that I haven’t “technically” stopped writing. I’ve been working on a short story and chipping away at writing a book. Its daunting, but I love pushing myself in new ways!

Thank you guys for being patient with me as we get settled into a new town and life.

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