The Quiet Place

While working through practicing The Way of Jesus I have started with silence and solitude. I’ve been using the Resource by John Mark Comer; Pastor of Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon. Some of you might consider this quiet time or something like that, but it is an important part of our daily practice. In the new testament, we…… Continue reading The Quiet Place

Back to the Basics

Here recently I have been working on getting back to the basics of The Way of Jesus; the things that bring us into a deeper relationship with Him. I feel like in our personal lives it is essential to make sure we practice these things regularly so that way we are not only getting closer…… Continue reading Back to the Basics

Living in the valley

This week I was reading the story where Jesus’s takes some of his apprentices to reveal His complete and total glory to them. If you can imagine, they probably did not want to leave that place. This was a literal mountain top moment! But…they had to come down. They could not stay there forever. Waiting…… Continue reading Living in the valley