Coming Clean

Being transparent in my life is something that I believe is important. It kills any sense of what I call Social Media Perfection by giving a snapshot of something I struggle with. It keeps me accountable because now its out there in the open for everyone to see. I once heard Louie Giglio say, and I’m…… Continue reading Coming Clean

Living in the valley

This week I was reading the story where Jesus’s takes some of his apprentices to reveal His complete and total glory to them. If you can imagine, they probably did not want to leave that place. This was a literal mountain top moment! But…they had to come down. They could not stay there forever. Waiting…… Continue reading Living in the valley

Just one of many stories

This weekend I ventured down to Prattville, AL with Christen and my mom, in search of a place to live… considering the fact that we are moving down in less than two weeks. While we were there we took the chance to explore downtown Montgomery. We walked up and down Dexter Ave to see the…… Continue reading Just one of many stories

Fear… the one thing holding you back

It’s funny how something you have read so much about, Something you thought you were ready to fight against because you had all of the knowledge to do so, can be so different when you are actually confronted with it. I’ve read all the leadership material for making the next best step and learning from your failures. I know…… Continue reading Fear… the one thing holding you back

Something new.

I have realized that my current blog set up is not very steady. I have covered a few different topics in the short time I’ve been writing, including Jesus, Minimalism, and Work. I want to streamline these subjects and create another blog. I’m going to keep this blog as my personal lifestyle blog that includes subjects of my…… Continue reading Something new.


There are a lot of different ways to talk to God. Some call it Prayer, but that can come off as too religious to me and can turn into something we have to do instead of something we WANT to do. That’s why I simply refer to it as talking. I want to keep an open form of…… Continue reading Communication

Love Others…

This blog is gonna be pretty straightforward to the Church. When I talk about the Church I don’t mean the building. That is not the Church, it is part of it, but not it. (I’ll talk about that someday in the future) The Church is all of us as followers of Christ, every day, everywhere, every…… Continue reading Love Others…