Coming Clean

Being transparent in my life is something that I believe is important. It kills any sense of what I call Social Media Perfection by giving a snapshot of something I struggle with. It keeps me accountable because now its out there in the open for everyone to see. I once heard Louie Giglio say, and I’m…… Continue reading Coming Clean

A timeline might help.

Disclaimer I am in no way a health professional. The following article contains my own personal views and opinions. If you struggle with any kind of depression or anxiety please talk to someone or see a health professional. Onto the story! Let’s talk a little bit about the seasons. I always knew something was up…… Continue reading A timeline might help.

Fear… the one thing holding you back

It’s funny how something you have read so much about, Something you thought you were ready to fight against because you had all of the knowledge to do so, can be so different when you are actually confronted with it. I’ve read all the leadership material for making the next best step and learning from your failures. I know…… Continue reading Fear… the one thing holding you back

How to Minimize

So, how do you start minimizing? This is a question I have gotten a few times. I originally wrote down my first story of decluttering a few months ago with my post Stuff. Since then I have drastically reduced the number of things down to just a few AWESOME items that I truly love and I can…… Continue reading How to Minimize

Identity Crisis

I’ve spent a lot of my youth/adult life struggling with my identity. Not knowing or believing who you are can drastically affect your confidence in yourself. Currently, in my life, I am in a couple leadership rolls and lack of confidence can cause you to struggle in gaining the trust of those you are leading.…… Continue reading Identity Crisis

I left my office job to go work outside.

I was not planning on writing about this. The original title of this blog was “Eight tips on making it through the work week” But it turned into this. I know this doesn’t seem like “Opening up” …but to me, this is more open than I would normally post on the internet. I recently left…… Continue reading I left my office job to go work outside.