Let Go

When I was contemplating beginning my journey into Minimalism the life Jesus of Nazareth was a huge compelling factor. The verse we will land on this week is in Luke 12v13-15 AMP 13 Someone from the crowd said to Him, “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the family inheritance with me.”14 But He said to him, “Man, who appointed Me…… Continue reading Let Go

Back to the Basics

Here recently I have been working on getting back to the basics of The Way of Jesus; the things that bring us into a deeper relationship with Him. I feel like in our personal lives it is essential to make sure we practice these things regularly so that way we are not only getting closer…… Continue reading Back to the Basics

What feels like home

This is a gallery of photos I took on 10.27.2018 These images represent pieces of our home that make it ours. I hope you enjoy this different avenue of expression. This was a collaborative work between Christen and me. Photos by Mat Napp. Staging by Christen Napp.  

Coming Clean

Being transparent in my life is something that I believe is important. It kills any sense of what I call Social Media Perfection by giving a snapshot of something I struggle with. It keeps me accountable because now its out there in the open for everyone to see. I once heard Louie Giglio say, and I’m…… Continue reading Coming Clean

How to Minimize

So, how do you start minimizing? This is a question I have gotten a few times. I originally wrote down my first story of decluttering a few months ago with my post Stuff. Since then I have drastically reduced the number of things down to just a few AWESOME items that I truly love and I can…… Continue reading How to Minimize

4 Things I learned when I moved into a Tiny Home

I love living in a tiny home. It has really helped me in my quest to live a simpler life filled with value. If you have paid attention to anything pertaining to pop culture you would know that living in a tiny home has become glorified as this beautiful and simplistic way to live, and…… Continue reading 4 Things I learned when I moved into a Tiny Home

I decided to wear a uniform.

After a few months on minimizing my life, I decided the next step for me was to finally move to a uniform. Now, before you begin thinking dear god… isn’t that going to be so lame? Hear me out. Just because I decided to get rid of the majority of my everyday clothes, doesn’t mean…… Continue reading I decided to wear a uniform.